Do you want to learn everything about Google AdSense? This is your destination, where you get the Complete guide of Google AdSense.
If you are entering on blogging world, Then there your first target to Monetizing your new blog to recurring earning from blogging.

Why Google Is The Better Option To Monetizing Your Blog?

When it comes to making money through the blog, Google AdSense is the best option for recurring earning. Different ad Network is already available to the market like, Propeller ads, Revenue hits. Google is the trusted name of the online market after all google is paid there publisher to the time. So all publisher depends on Google. If you want to earn money from AdSense and Don’t of Adsense. Here is your destination where we will Complete guide of Google AdSense.

What Is Google Adsense?

AdSense is the Ad Network Product from Google, Where bloggers are Making money online. Google provides different quality of ads, they are mainly working on interest-based.
AdSense is first revealed in 2003. A lot of users think Google is just the Search engine but not for Search engines. Google is a corporation company and they serve the best value of there users.

What are The Benefits of Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a lot of benefits. So all the Publisher depends on Google AdSense.

• Google AdSense Pay always from time to time.
• Different Type of Ads Layout and fit to any device (Responsive).
• Serve interest-based ads, So high probability to chance for user Click.
• AdSense is paying for the publisher even who is showing there ads.
• Google serves always high paying ads most of the festival seasons.

How to Start Your Blog On Google Adsense

Google always prefer Quality Contents. So your website article Should be user-friendly and Advertiser Friendly.

How to Create an Adsense Account

• Open Your Blogs/Website

• Log on to => Google Adsense

• Click the START NOW button on the Top Right Corner(Must be Sign in on Google).

• Then Fill your Website URL with http or https.

• Then fill your contact details and unique Contact Number to carefully cause When you’re earning at least $ 5, When are Sending a Verification Latter to your address through of Post office. If you put the wrong address then your Verification letter may be lost.

How To Place Adsense Ads Code

When your Site approves on Google AdSense, Then Click on Ads option and You have shown a lot of Ads layout. You have used two types of ads option Auto ads and Manual ads.

Different type of Ads option

Google recently release on Auto ads. No need for tension to place Ads code. Just Place one Google auto ads code and Google automatically analyzes your blogs and Place ads to according your content. If you want don’t show on a particular page, Then mention this page URL and paste on the EXCEPT ADS section.

Otherwise, If you use Manual Ads Then many ads layout are available like Display Ads, Infeed Ads, Article ads, Link ads. Click on any ads but must be chosen on the Responsive section, Then Generate on Ads code and Place your blogs, where you want to show that.

Then Start to Earning According to your traffic and engagement

One AdSense account to access all sites

According to the Google AdSense policies, Google allows one AdSense account with the attached address, otherwise, your AdSense has been disabled. So you Should create one AdSense account and you can use multiple blogs.
According to the new AdSense policies 2019, You must separately approve to Separate blogs or Websites.

Revenue Share Of Google Adsense

If your blogs are hosted on Google hosting that called Then you freely use Google hosting and AdSense is Google’s product so Google is deducting your earning of 68% and then send your earning.
If you use Another hosting, Then Google is deducting on 58% of your earning.

Most Trusted Payment System

Most of the Problem of Payment to small Advertising companies. But Google always pays to timely and there payment method is trusted and secure.

When You’re Earning at least $10, Then google Send an account Pin verification letter with authentication code to your home address. Carefully peel the letter and Get the code and Paste your AdSense account to carefully otherwise If you put wrong on three times, then your code has corrupt. Then you are requesting to send a re-authentication letter.

All of this takes approximately  1-2 months to receive your Pin Verification letter that’s depending upon your home location.

adsense pin verification number

When you full fill their requirements means when you are earning over $100 dollar Google directly wire transfer to your bank account. Enjoy this your first earning.

I hope you understand my Complete guide of Google AdSense. If anything doubts Comments on the below. Thank you so much and Happy earning.

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